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Skull and Bones Relics of the Past: How to find the Sea People Relic

Solve your first treasure map in Skull and Bones to find the relic at Tenina Coast

Skull and Bones offers a variety of contracts to complete, and some of them involve treasure hunting. Relics of the Past will likely give you the first treasure map in the game, where you need to find a relic for the Sea People you meet at Vorona Falls.

There will be many more treasure maps along your pirate adventure in S&B, but this one serves as a treasure-hunting tutorial.

Here’s everything you need to know to complete the Relics of the Past contract by solving the treasure map clue and finding the Sea People Relic’s exact location.

Relics of the Past treasure map - Tenina Coast location

You will get the Relics of the Past treasure map and contract from a Sea People Merchant at the Vorona Falls outpost, most likely during the Brokered Ground contract, in which Scurlock tasks you to deliver Weapon Caches to the Sea People in three locations.

Relics of the Past contract start in Skull and Bones
Skull and Bones ship cargo menu showing the Sea People Relic Clue
The Sea People Relic treasure map, showing the location of the relic at Fort Louis on Tenina Coast
Tenina Coast in Skull and Bones, as it appears on the game map

Sea People Relic exact location in Fort Louis

The exact location of the Sea People relic, very close to the disembarkment site at Fort Louis
The Seas People relic's exact location is highlighted with a ray of light when you approach it.
Palisade Bay settlement location in Skull and Bones show on the in-game map

And that's how you complete your first treasure map in Skull and Bones. If you still have many questions about the game, check out our Skull and Bones FAQ or our guide to the Padewakang ship blueprint location.