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BD-1 is your faithful droid companion that can do just about anything you can’t in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. His chirpy personality endears him to everyone he encounters, so it’s only fair that you take good care of him in return. Thankfully, his look is entirely customizable in this game, with a whole host of cosmetic options at your disposal. They won’t change how he performs in the field, but he’ll look much cooler.

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BD-1 components – Star Wars Jedi Survivor

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Like with Lightsabers, the components are the cosmetic parts that makeup BD-1’s body. There are five sections from his head to his legs that all take slightly different approaches to the droid’s curious and endearing look. You can have nice pristine plating all over, or you can have some inner parts exposed for a more technical look.

BD-1 materials – Star Wars Jedi Survivor

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The materials determine the color and texture of BD-1’s paint job, there’s the full rainbow available to you once you unlock it, and there are all different types of finishes. Whether you’re looking for something glossy or more matte, you’ll be able to find it and apply it to BD-1. You can also change BD-1’s condition, making him look more worn or pristine depending on what you prefer.

How to get more BD-1 parts – Star Wars Jedi Survivor

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Anywhere in the game that looks like it goes off the beaten path, have a look down there and see what you can find. Chances are you’ll find one of the blue bins that are scattered all over the game world. These contain all of the customization objects and parts in the game, from Cal’s hair and clothes to BD-1 parts and materials. Seek them out in the quiet corners of the galaxy to unlock more parts.