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Starfield A Legacy Forged: Aceles or Microbes to kill the Terrormorphs?

Should you tell the UC Cabinet to use Aceles or Microbes to deal with the Terrormorphs in Starfield's A Legacy Forged quest?

The United Colonies questline is surprisingly intense. Going in, you may expect to be performing standard soldier duties, but instead, you end up investigating and eradicating the Terrormorph infestation that’s happening across the galaxy. These powerful monsters need to be wiped out completely for humans to survive, and the scientists on your team to develop two potential solutions.

You can breed Aceles – the natural predators of Terrormorphs – to eventually wipe the species out, or release special Microbes into the air to kill the species off much quicker – but releasing chemicals into the atmosphere always comes with unforeseen risks. We’ll help you make this choice in Starfield’s A Legacy Forged quest.

This isn’t the only decision you have to make to the Cabinet either, as you must choose whether or not to expose Vae Vactis’ plot.

Should you breed Aceles or release Microbes to deal with the Terramoprhs? – Starfield A Legacy Forged

Starfield Aceles

As far as rewards go, you get the same result no matter which options you choose. Regardless of your method, the UC Cabinet will declare you a Class One Citizen, rewarding you with 100k credits and a free penthouse apartment in New Atlantis. As for story consequences, it will be revealed that the Terrormorphs were eventually driven to extinction no matter what you choose, so that doesn’t make a difference either.

That means the only real difference between the options is how your companions react to them. We chose to use the Aceles, and Andreja admonished us for that, stating we should’ve trusted the Microbes instead to deal with the problem quickly, but other characters will have different opinions.