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Starfield Almagest jackpot: where to find the backend combination

Here’s where to find the jackpot code in Starfield’s The Almagest abandoned casino station

At some point during Starfield’s main story, you will travel to Nesoi, and you might have stumbled upon The Almagest, a seemingly abandoned zero-gravity casino orbiting the planet, which hides some nice loot, including The Almagest jackpot.

There, you will find a bunch of spacers and a couple more powerful space troublemakers you need to deal with, so be prepared with weapons and ammo. In any case, most of the enemies you’ll encounter here are rather low-level, so you shouldn’t have much trouble taking them out.

Starfield The Almagest casino station location in orbit of the planet Nesoi in the Olympus system
Starfield The Almagest jackpot safe looked at from the manager's office floor

The Almagest jackpot backend terminal location in Starfield

One particularly important loot location in The Almagest is the Jackpot backend room. If you’re reading this guide, chances are you’ve already found it.

The Almagest jackpot backend room with contraband chest in the corner
Starfield - The Almagest jackpot safe door with the ventilation duct below the it
A contraband chest at The Almagest jackpot backend room in Starfield

Get The Almagest jackpot combination from the Manager’s Computer

To find the jackpot combination naturally, get out of the jackpot terminal duct and go up to the upper floor, opposite the big safe door. It’s the floor just above the main bar, at the center of the casino. There you will find the manager’s office, another important loot location in The Almagest that you shouldn’t miss anyway.


If you visit the casino again after some time, the mobs and the loot will respawn, but the jackpot can be claimed only once.