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Starfield: how to set up a cargo link

How to set up cargo links across the systems in Starfield
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The galaxy is full of useful resources waiting to be harvested, but they aren’t all in the most convenient locations. If you want to set up bases to collect and transport all of the minerals you’ll need, then you’ll have to set up cargo links between the planets, and perhaps even between systems.

It’s easy once you know how, but setting up the process for the first time can be a bit fiddly, so we’ll explain how to set up a cargo link for all your shipping needs.

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Starfield Cargo Link pad

The first thing you need to do is find a place where the resource you want to ship is in the ground. Build an outpost nearby and start extracting the minerals, then build a cargo link, which is a massive landing pad somewhere in your outpost. Hover over the extractor and set up a transport link between that and the cargo link’s outgoing container – this will automatically send everything it harvests into the container.

Now hop over to the planet you want to receive the resources – note that, unless you’ve unlocked advanced cargo links, it will have to be a planet or moon in the same system as where you’re harvesting the resources.

Starfield Cargo Link menu

Build a cargo link here as well, then hop up onto the platform and interact with the terminal by the stairs. This will list every cargo link available and all you have to do is click the button to confirm it. A transport ship will now regularly fly between the two planets, picking up everything in the outgoing container from one, and dropping it into the incoming container of the other.

There is initially a limit to how many cargo links an outpost can have, but this can be increased (and advanced cargo links unlocked) by ranking up the Outpost Engineer perk.

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