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Starfield: how to buy new ships and customize your own

How to purchase and customize your ships in Starfield

While the base ship you’re given at the start of Starfield's main story will do you proud, it’s natural to want something a little flashier. Whether you’re looking to optimize offense, defense, speed, or even just cargo capacity, Starfield has a vast array of pre-built ships that will do just about any job. Or, if you’re feeling creative, you have complete freedom to customize and build your own ship.

We’ll tell you where to buy new ships and how you can go about customizing your own in Starfield.

Where to buy new ships – Starfield

Starfield ship buying

You probably won’t have the credits for it right at the start of the game, but you do have the freedom to purchase new ships almost immediately. When you first land in New Atlantis, talk to the person just right of the ramp down into the city, next to the bright yellow Trade Authority post.

Talk to him and you can pay 1000 credits to repair any damage, customize any of your existing ships, or buy new ones from the available selection.

Almost any location with a dedicated landing pad will also have a person like this who can do these things. Places like Akila City, Neon, and even the Red Mile can all sell you ships or the parts to build your own. What’s more, all of these places have a different selection of ships on offer, so you can acquire quite the fleet.

Ship tiers explained – Starfield

Starfield Piloting perk

It’s important to note though, you won’t be able to fly every ship right off the bat. Ships (and ship parts) are separated into classes A, B, and C – somewhat counterintuitively, A is the lowest class and C is the highest.

By default, you can only pilot A-class ships, and you’ll need to rank up the Piloting perk to be able to use higher-tier ships and parts.