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Starfield No Sudden Moves quest: how to get Petrov's artifact

How to get Petrov's artifact in the No Sudden Moves quest without a fight in Starfield

Constellation’s mission to gather up all the artifacts they can find is an exciting one, but not everyone you’ll encounter is willing to part with something so mysterious and potentially valuable. Captain Petrov is one such person, as he is a collector of just about everything he can get his hands on, and is similarly fascinated by the artifact.

Unfortunately, this means he won’t part with it willingly, and you need to work out a way to pull it from his clutches. We’ll walk you through the No Sudden Moves quest and detail the best way to get the artifact.

How to get Captain Petrov’s artifact – Starfield

Starfield Captain Petrov

While you can just blast your way through his ship and steal it for yourself, that’s not as easy as it sounds. Petrov has a very large and heavily armed crew, plus, Constellation isn’t the biggest fan of blindly slaughtering people to reach their goals.

Instead, you can quite easily talk your way onto his ship peacefully, so just dock up and go talk to the man. There’s no way to convince him to give it to you, but you can convince him to show it instead. He’ll take you on a short guided tour of his collection and into his vault, where he’ll unlock the artifact’s container for you – saves you a lockpicking minigame.

No matter what you say or how many credits you offer, Petrov won’t bite, and the man even dares you to try taking it. Don’t just steal the artifact though, instead – and pay attention now – shoot Petrov in the head. Miraculously, he won’t die, he’ll immediately surrender, stand his guards down, and let you take the artifact without a fight.

This will give you a small bounty of 500 credits with the UC though, so it’s best to pop into somewhere like Neon on your way back to pay it off.