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Starfield Overdesigned quest: how to make the best ship

Overdesigned Starfield quest walkthrough to help you build the best ship possible

Once you’ve become familiar with your fellow members of Constellation and gathered a few artifacts, you can talk to Walter and he’ll give you the Overdesigned quest. Your job will be to oversee the R&D department working on his company’s new starship, and you can dramatically affect the outcome of the project.

You earn a free Starfield ship from doing this, so you should make sure that it’s worth your while.

Overdesigned quest walkthrough – Starfield

Starfield Kepler R

Head over to the R&D department and introduce yourself to the team, most of whom won’t be best pleased that a new person has been added at the last minute. Still, you’ll need to do a few tasks to make sure you get the best ship.

First, you’ll be asked about budget options; go for the biggest possible budget. You’ll need to pass a persuasion check to convince the team to go for it, but you won’t be able to get the best ship without it.

Next, the team will ask you to take a couple of missions to get data on how the ship should behave. For this, you should do both a combat and a cargo mission to get as much data as possible.

Finally, you’ll have to go around the team and hear all of their big pitches for features on the ship. At this point, it will become obvious that it’d be far more efficient to make several smaller ships built for different purposes, but that’s unfortunately not an option. Instead, hear them all out and give your views on what you do and don’t like.

When the team lead asks you what to do to resolve this deadlock suggest that everyone makes one cut. Any other option will prevent the team from moving forward and harm the final product.

With that, take the design back to Walter and be rewarded with your gigantic C-class ship with just about every feature you could possibly want.