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Starfield pronouns: how to change your character’s name and pronouns during the game

Much to bigots’ chagrin, Starfield lets players pick their characters’ pronouns and change them later

As any other massively popular game, Starfield has a huge and very diverse community of players, and for many, it’s important that their in-game character matches their real-life appearance and identity as much as possible.

Starfield’s robust character creator definitely lets you design a very accurate version of yourself, and even allows you to pick pronouns independent of body type and other attributes. This option has proved controversial among more bigoted fans of the game, but it's there to promote inclusion and acknowledge the title’s diverse player base. Pronouns are also there because RPGs like Starfield are fundamentally about one thing – giving you the freedom to be whoever you want and do whatever you please.

Starfield initial character creation screen
Starfield complete profile prompt during character creation which lets players give their character a name and pronouns

How to change pronouns in Starfield

Changing your pronouns is easy and can be done at any point in your playthrough, but it will cost you 500 in-game credits. Just like with any other character customization you can make after your story has started, you need to go to an Enhance! Clinic to select new pronouns.

Starfield video game screenshot showing the entrance to the Enhance! Clinic in New Atlantis City on Jemison
Starfield screenshot showing the Commercial District of New Atlantis, a city on the Jemison planet in the Alpha Centauri system
Warner Connell, the manager of Enhance! Genetic Salon in New Atlantis in the video game Starfield
Enhance! Genetic Salon character customization screen showing pronoun selection and name change options in Starfield.

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