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Starfield tips and tricks to help you traverse the galaxy

Make the most out of your time in Starfield with these tips and tricks
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Starfield is officially out now, after years of waiting and even a 12-month delay. As one of the biggest (and maybe best) Bethesda games to date, there’s a lot to take in, a lot to learn, and a lot to accidentally miss until you’re 40 hours into the game. Don’t feel bad — we’ve all done it.

In this guide we’ve put together ten tips to help you explore the galaxy in your time with Starfield. Some of these might seem fairly basic on the surface, but we’ve all had some experience with the game and were surprised with at least a few items on the list.

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Starfield Fitnes Oxygen Upgrade
Starfield scanner
Starfield lodge safe
Starfield lodge
Starfield neon members lounge
Starfield slayton security
Starfield Boostpack Training Perk
Starfield Synthefoam Container
Starfield unspent skill points
Starfield bed at lodge

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