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Starfield: where to buy Ship Parts

Where to buy lots of Ship Parts in Starfield
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Ship Parts are some of the most important items in Starfield, as they let you repair your ship mid-battle, but it’s also easy to run out. Getting a lot of them isn’t easy, and it’s not just because you’ll likely be overencumbered in Starfield when carrying them. There’s no obvious store to go to if you want to buy them, but thankfully, there are plenty of places where you can track them down.

We’ll tell you where to get ship parts so you can keep your vessel in ship-shape when out in the stars.

Where to buy Ship Parts – Starfield

Starfield Jamison Mercantile

Ship Parts have a chance of being sold in any general goods store. This includes all Trade Authority shops, as well as places like Jemison Merchantile in New Atlantis. Also, be sure to remember that Ship Parts are an Aid item, not Misc.

Unfortunately, they’re not guaranteed to stock it every single time, but you can wait or sleep for 24 in-game hours to refresh a shop’s stock if you’re desperate.

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