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Starfield: every name VASCO can say

Full list of over 1000 names that VASCO can say in Starfield

Much like Fallout 4’s Mr. Handy, the robot companion you get at the start of Starfield, VASCO, can say over 1000 names if you enter them into the character creator. It’s a small feature – especially as you likely won’t be using VASCO as your companion for very long – but it’s always nice to hear your own name (or something ridiculous) come out of the machine’s mouth…wherever that is.

We’ve put together this list of every known name that VASCO can pronounce – remember that spelling does matter. Given you can change your appearance, as well as change your pronouns and name whenever you want in Starfield, even if you’ve already started your adventure, you can pick a name from the list below.

A – B

C – D

E – G

H – J

K – M

N – Q

R – S

T – V

W – Z