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Steam Summer Sale 2023: best Metroidvania-style games to grab

Slice, dice, and explore in these Steam Summer Sale 2023 highlights
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Exploring the Steam Summer Sale 2023 is possible until July 13, 2023, and one particularly well represented genre with great discounts is the Metroidvania-style game – one of those genre names derived from a specific series, but is otherwise not very descriptive if you don’t already know what it’s all about. What you can expect from these titles is a lot of exploration mixed with combat. As you get deeper into the game, you return to areas you’ve already combed through and will find additional paths or secrets, looking at everything with a new perspective.

Find the best Steam Summer Sale 2023 Metroidvania-style games below – and no worries, we won’t add any superior deals later on just to have you come back.

Tunic screenshot of a fight.
Hollow Knight screenshot of a battle.
Ori and The Blind Forest screenshot.
Salt and Sanctuary screenshot of a warrior walking through a foggy forest.
Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights screenshot of a boss battle.
Scourgebringer screenshot of a pixel-art boss battle.
SteamWorld Dig 2 screenshot of a person digging underground.
Timespinner screenshot of a fight.
The Messenger screenshot of a ninja in a forest.

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