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Stray safe codes guide

Unlock all of Stray’s secrets with these safe codes
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Stray is full of little secrets you can uncover as you explore its world in your adorable feline form. Some of these secrets take the shape of safes strewn throughout the game’s levels – and for every safe there is a code somewhere. Finding them is another matter entirely, and that’s where our Stray safe codes guide comes in to help you.

No safe is secure, so feel free to take a look below if you want to solve all the mysteries and secrets Stray has to offer without giving yourself a headache.

There is also a safe in a room in The Slums that’s filled with books. You can’t open that one with a code, though. Instead, you’ll need to find a key in the backroom. Inside is Doc’s notebook, an item you need to progress through the story.