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Street Fighter 6 is out now, and whether you’re a new player or an experienced fighting game player, we’ll have plenty of information here that’ll help you to understand everything you need to get started with Street Fighter 6.

This basic explainer should tell you everything you need to know, but for even more make sure to read our Street Fighter 6 review and our Modern VS Classic controls breakdown.

Is SF6 good?

Street Fighter 6 character.

Yes, it’s very good – for more information, check our full Street Fighter 6 review.

How tall is Luke?

street fighter 6

Luke is 6’1”, or 185cm for anyone using the metric system.

How to taunt in SF6

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With Classic controls enabled, simply press all available Punch and Kick buttons at the same time. This is six buttons at once, and you need to be pretty precise in terms of timing. You can also set a single button that activates all buttons at once.

Does SF6 have crossplay?

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Yes, Street Fighter 6 has full crossplay across all platforms. To make the most of this, ensure to add friends to the in-game CFN friend list.

How to Drive Rush

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With Modern Controls, Drive Rush is L1/LB. With Classic Controls, Drive Rush is activated with both Heavy Punch and Kick buttons pressed at the same time. For all the other controls you need to know about, make sure to read our Modern VS Classic controls breakdown.

How to change to Classic controls in World Tour

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Go to the main Pause menu, select Options, and then select the Avatar Battle Control Type. This will allow you to change between Classic and Modern controls. Some challenges in World Tour require a specific control scheme.

How to change to Classic controls in Battle Hub

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Press the Square/X button to access the matchmaking menu in Battle Hub. Go over to the Character tab, select your character, and then press Triangle/Y to access more settings. From here you can change the Control Type. Press Triangle/Y again to apply your settings to all characters.

How old is Lily in SF6?

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Lily, a member of the Thunderfoot Tribe like T. Hawk, doesn’t have a specified age, however, we know that she was born on June 3. If we were to make a guess, Lily would likely be around 17. Why do you want to know, anyway?

How to see Frame Data in Training Mode

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You can see full Frame Data for all characters and attacks in Training Mode. Simply access the Options menu and scroll over to Screen Display Settings to turn On the Frame Meter.