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Street Fighter 6 is out now, and comes bundled with two new types of currency that might have some players raising an eyebrow. Yes, this is a premium-price game, but it also has some of the live service trappings you might expect from a free-to-play title. Not that many of the die-hard Street Fighter fans are complaining when the gameplay is this good, as you can read about in our Street Fighter 6 review.

Fighter Coins and Drive Tickets can be used to purchase cosmetics and customization services in the Battle Hub and the in-game shop. Some items can also be earned after progressing through World Tour mode, and items in the shop that can be earned in-game will state such in the description.

In this guide we’re breaking down everything you need to know to earn more Drive Tickets and spend Fighter Coins wisely in Street Fighter 6.

Drive Tickets explained – SF6

street fighter 6 fighter coin drive ticket (2)

Drive Tickets are a free currency that can only be earned by playing Street Fighter 6. These will be awarded to you through events and challenges – at launch you can get 500 Drive Tickets for viewing a single Tutorial in the Fighting Ground mode. Make sure to check the in-game Challenges menu to see what Drive Tickets you can easily earn.

Any item sold for Drive Tickets can essentially be earned entirely through in-game progression.

Fighter Coins explained – SF6

street fighter 6 fighter coin drive ticket (1)

Fighter Coins are a premium-only currency, which means they will be only rewarded to players that either purchase them on the store, or potentially as Fighters Pass rewards, as we’ve seen in other games with Battle Pass options.

If you see an item in the in-game store that can only be purchased with Fighter Coins, then you should consider it to be a premium-price item, and attempt to calculate its real-world value using the sale prices of coin bundles in the store.