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The Last of Us Part 1 safe combinations: all safe codes for The Last of Us Remake

The Last of Us remake has all the same safes as the original, but you'll need to know the right codes

The Last of Us Part 1 has all the same safes as the original game, but this remake makes a small change that renders the old guides redundant. Before once you found the safe code, Joel would enter it automatically upon returning to the safe, but that’s no longer the case. In The Last of Us Remake, you must instead remember the codes and enter them manually.

Unless you have an excellent memory, you probably can’t recall the codes from the original, so we’re here to tell you where to find each code and what they are.

The Last of Us Remake: Safe 1 – The Outskirts

The Last of US Part 1 safe location in the store

Combination: 3-43-78

When you go underground, aside from the usual bunch of clickers, you’ll find a shop on the left-hand side that will have a safe combination inside it. You can take this over to another shop on the opposite side where you’ll discover the corresponding safe. However, once you know the code, you can just go straight for the safe.

The Last of Us Remake: Safe 2 – Bill’s Town

The Last of Us Part 1 safe location by the truck

Combination: 5-17-21

On the main streets, you’ll want to look for a truck on the right-hand side as you go through. The safe will be placed outside, next to the truck. Head to the end of the streets and you’ll see the code on a slip of paper stuck to some barbed wire. Alternatively, just enter the code that we just told you.

The Last of Us Remake: Safe 3 – Pittsburgh Hotel

The Last of Us Part 1 hotel reception safe location

Combination: 22-10-56

Right at the hotel entrance, there will be a safe waiting for you in reception. To get the code you need to head up the ladder where Ellie is waiting. Once you’re up, don’t go upstairs, instead, shimmy along to the right. Or don’t bother, we’ve put the code just there.

The Last of Us Remake: Safe 4 – Suburbs

The Last of Us Part 1 safe location in a house

Combination: 8-21-36

After you’ve escaped the sewers, have a look around the town and you’ll find a house with a safe inside, close to the wild dogs. The code is in the same building, on the upper floor in a matchbox. Or…you know.