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Total War: Pharaoh – Ancient Legacy guide

Find out about all available Ancient Legacies for Egyptians and Hittites
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We think about the Roman Empire, when we think about something ancient these days – some of us even think about it several times a day. But if we could ask a Roman about something they considered ancient, someone educated may point you towards Egypt. To give some perspective: Egypt’s First Dynasty likely began around 3,100 BCE, marking the country’s unification into a single kingdom, and that realm more or less survived until 30 BCE when the Romans annexed it. The Great Pyramid of Giza was built around 1,800 years before Rome was even founded.

Total War: Pharaoh screenshot of Tausret riding a chariot into battle.

Not all Ancient Legacies revolve around war, but they'll certainly help you out.

This land, its history, and its traditions were truly ancient even back then – and it’s appropriate that Total War: Pharaoh pays tribute to this age with its Ancient Legacies mechanic. In this guide, we’ll explain all Total War: Pharaoh Ancient Legacies, so read on if you need some help on deciding which one to go for in your current campaign.

Total War: Pharaoh – Ancient Legacies explained

What are Ancient Legacies in Total War: Pharaoh, anyway? Basically, you choose to emulate an ancient Egyptian or Hittite ruler, which unlocks special mechanics with a massive impact on your play style. You can only choose a single Ancient Legacy per campaign, which you do after joining the Egyptian or Hittite realm.

There are four Ancient Legacies to choose from when joining the Egyptians and two for the Hittites. The Canaanites do not have their own Ancient Legacies. Remember that you can join the Egyptian or Hittite realms regardless of your own culture – you can use an Egyptian Ancient Legacy even as a Hittite or Canaanite upon joining the Pharaoh’s court.

Total War: Pharaoh – Egyptian Ancient Legacies

Ramesses III in Total War: Pharaoh.

Egyptian Ancient Legacies become available after joining the Pharaoh's court.

Total War: Pharaoh – Hittite Ancient Legacies

Total War: Pharaoh battle.

Hittite Ancient Legacies become available after joining the Great King's court.

Now you know all Ancient Legacies in Total War: Pharaoh and can hopefully choose the one that’s most appropriate for your current situation.

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