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Update (September 13, 2023): We finally have a full map flyover for Total War: Pharaoh, so sit back and enjoy:

Original (June 1, 2023): It’s not difficult to establish a general idea about what the Total War: Pharaoh map might look like, since we know all the playable factions and the historical context the game is embedded in. With Egyptians, Hittites, and Canaanites being playable and the Sea Peoples looming as an endgame crisis, we should be looking at a playable area starting from Egypt’s border with Nubia in the south, which then follows the Nile until it reaches the Mediterranean.

The entire Levante with today’s Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria should be included as well, as that’s where the Canaanites dwell – sandwiched between the Egyptian and Hittite realms. The latter have their home further north in Anatolia, which should in large parts be part of the playable map as well – at the time the game is set in, the Hittites control Asia Minor almost entirely, including the western coast bordering Greece and the Aegean.

Cyprus would be a natural inclusion, being incredibly important in that time as a source of copper and very much in the geographical scope of what we just described.

Google maps screenshit showing Total War: Pharaoh's geographic scope.

This is roughly the maximum geographic scope we should expect Total War: Pharaoh to have based on the playable factions and the setting.

That’s the theory, anyway. Here is everything that’s been confirmed about the Total War: Pharaoh map.

Total War: Pharaoh map – everything we know

Total War: Pharaoh’s Limited Edition contains a double-sided poster that presumably depicts the entire map. Important for us is the fact that an image advertising this edition of the game shows us a part of that poster with the map, giving us a look at some of the provinces of Egypt.

Total War: Pharaoh map poster.
Total War: Pharaoh map flyover.
Total War: Pharaoh map screenshot.
Total War: Pharaoh map screenshot.
Total War: Pharaoh map screenshot.
Total War: Pharaoh map screenshot.
Total War: Pharaoh map screenshot.
Total War: Pharaoh map screenshot.

You can view a campaign map flyover in Total War: Pharaoh's official gameplay reveal video, beginning at 22:05. The embedded video is timestamped to this point:

We'll update this article with any additional pieces of information about the map that become available.