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Harald Hammerstorm, one of the most old-school characters of Warhammer Fantasy, has been added to Total War: Warhammer 3 as a free Legendary Hero in update 3.1. Also known as Harry the Hammer, this character is available for the Warriors of Chaos in every campaign as well as in custom battles.

He’s a strong melee fighter with some especially great abilities to combat the undead, giving him a very unique place among the Warriors of Chaos roster. Once you’ve claimed Harald by logging into your Creative Assembly account that’s connected to the platform you’re playing the title on, he’ll be available in your game.

Just like Ulrika Magdova and Gorduz Backstabber, Harry the Hammer is locked behind a quest on the campaign map, which you’ll need to complete to recruit him into your armies. Here’s how to recruit Harry the Hammer in Total War: Warhammer 3.

How to recruit Harald Hammerstorm as Warriors of Chaos

  1. Start any campaign as a Legendary Lord from the Warriors of Chaos faction.
  2. Level up your Legendary Lord to Level 15 to unlock the quest “The Hammerstorm Cometh”.
  3. Kill 3,000 enemies in battle to complete “The Hammerstorm Cometh”.
  4. Harald Hammerstorm should now appear next to your Legendary Lord’s army.

Harry the Hammer comes equipped with two legendary items, The Hammer of Harry and The Bane Shield. His hammer grants him a devastating magical explosion ability, while the shield debuffs nearby enemies. The character also removes the Undead trait from any undead units in his vicinity, making them susceptible to psychological effects among other things. That’s right, Harry is so powerful that even the dead brown their pants when they see him.

Furthermore, Hammerstorm has access to three unique Boons of Chaos on his Path to Glory. He needs to kill Emperor Karl Franz, a greater demon lord, and a legendary undead character to unlock them all. Keep in mind that Harald doesn’t have to make the last hit on these foes to get access to these boons, he merely needs to be embedded in the army that does the deed.