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Upcoming strategy games in 2024

A list of the most-anticipated releases for strategy and tactics fans
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We’ve had some amazing strategy and tactics games in 2023, but 2024 is shaping up to be an even greater triumph for fans of the genres. We are looking at several sequels to iconic series, exciting indie titles, and a double-whopper of 4X turn-based strategy goodness while we await Civilization 7.

Hooded Horse, Microsoft, Paradox Interactive, and many others have promising strategy and tactics games in the works, which are guaranteed to fulfill our wildest power fantasies and be that one title we can’t stop talking to our friends about even though they’ve never heard of it.

Here are the most-anticipated tactics and strategy games we can finally play in 2024 (or at least hear more about), be they real-time, turn-based, 4X, grand, and whatever else you want to label them as.