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Best strategy games to play in 2024

Empires rise and fall at your command in these strategy games

The best strategy games won't serve you victories on the silver platter. A triumph needs to be earned by being smarter, faster, and more ruthless than your opponents. There are severe limits to what a single soldier can do in combat, crawling around in the dirt, but as an all-seeing commander, your every decision can be critical to winning or losing not just a battle, but entire wars. Nations rise and fall at your mercy.

That power fantasy is at the heart of many strategy games.

This genre is quite varied, ranging from hectic real-time games that will make you sweat to keep the timing of your build order perfect to turn-based titles that require careful consideration of every move. However you fight, whatever you're fighting for, in strategy games, you call the shots and get to feel smart about it.

Alternatively, just blame the developers for screwing up the game balance. You can't be at fault yourself, right?

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