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The best and worst video game wrestling signs ever made

For several years, wrestling fans have brought signs to shows with their terrible video game opinions written on them

There is a lot of crossover between fans of video games and fans of professional wrestling. Maybe it’s the style of storytelling, maybe it’s the backstage intrigue, or maybe we all just like seeing big dudes do cool flips, but either way, if you go to any weekly wrestling show you’re sure to find plenty of gamers in the crowd.

One of the things gamers are best known for is having controversial opinions that we can’t help but argue over. This usually happens over social media, but some wrestling fans over the past few years have taken it to a new level, having these debates on national television.

Crowd signs have been a part of sports ever since they started being televised, and wrestling fans have turned it into an art, using all sorts of creative ways to mock the wrestlers they don’t like. However, many have now turned their attention to video games, and some of the weirdest takes you’ll ever see may be printed these signs.

We even had Kenny Omega himself weigh in on the debate – check out our Kenny Omega interview here to learn more.