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WWE 2K23 features MyRise, a game mode allowing you to play through the storyline of a male or female wrestler. Depending on which one you choose, you’ll progress through “The Lock” or “The Legacy” – both contain surprising secrets waiting to be discovered and unlocked.

These additions include cool content like alternative versions of wrestlers or unique arenas, which you can access in general play mode after unlocking it. However, you’ll actually need to play MyRise to do so, because not even the Accelerator Pack that’s included with the Deluxe Editions will do that job for you.

Here are all the unlockables in WWE 2K23 MyRise, which you can get by simply playing the mode.

WWE 2K23 MyRise: unlockable wrestlers

You can gain access to three additional wrestlers by playing WWE 2K23 MyRise:

  • Mighty Molly
  • Jean-Paul Levesque
  • Ezekiel
WWE 2K23 fight in the ring.

Retired star wrestler Molly Holly once maintained a superhero alter-ego called Mighty Holly, which is among the unlockables. Jean-Paul Levesque is a bit of a surprise, as that’s an old character of the man now known and feared as Triple H. Perfectly following wrestling’s cartoon logic, Ezekiel is of course the “brother” of Elias – it’s just Elias without a beard. Works for Superman, right?

WWE 2K23 MyRise: unlockable arenas

In addition to the three wrestlers WWE 2K23 MyRise also allows you to unlock four arenas:

  • BCW (High-School Gym)
  • MyRise WarGames
  • WWE Live House Show
  • Raw ‘02
WWE 2K23 WarGames

As you start your career in MyRise from scratch, the gym is going to be one of the first venues you’re performing in to climb the ladder of the wrestling world and make a name for yourself. A retro Raw arena and another battlefield for WarGames are natural additions to the roster. A particularly fun inclusion is the nod to House Show, since the WWE games rarely put a focus on any of WWE’s non-televised shows.

Super Cena is another unlockable in WWE 2K23, though you'll have to play a different game mode to get the best wrestler in the title.