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Zack Snyder has revealed more details on the Rebel Moon video game

The tie-in game for Zack Snyder's Rebel Moon has had more details revealed

Zack Snyder made his presence known during Opening Night Live at Gamescom, as he spoke briefly on the Rebel Moon video game. This title will be a game set in the universe of Snyder’s upcoming sci-fi epic that’s set to release on Netflix in two parts later this year.

Snyder first revealed that they will be partnering with Super Evil Megacorp for the development of the game. Despite the name, they are a reputable studio that focuses mainly on mobile games, having developed the hit MOBA Vainglory, as well as the recently released Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Splintered Fate.

Rebel Moon still

As for the story, Snyder said that the game takes place after the events of both movies, serving to expand the world as a sort of epilogue story. You’ll get to choose your own rebel (whether this means you can create a character isn’t clear), and then play in either solo or co-op modes. Unfortunately, the presentation was very light on gameplay details, so we can’t say what kind of game it will be at this early stage.

We also didn’t hear anything about a release date, although based on when the story is set and how seemingly early it is in development, we likely won’t get our hands on it until after the second movie’s release in April 2024.