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50 Cent teases possible Vice City GTA project

Rapper sparks speculation about involvement in GTA 6 or a TV show
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Curtis Jackson, better known as 50 Cent, has sparked speculation about him being involved in a project featuring Grand Theft Auto’s iconic Vice City.

Posting an image featuring a Vice City logo on his Instagram account, he wrote: “I will Explain this later, GLG🚦GreenLightGang this shit bigger than POWER trust me. 💣BOOM” (thanks, Eurogamer).

GTA Vice City.

A look at Vice City from Rockstar's recent remaster of the old game.

Power is Jackson’s crime drama show, which finished its final season on Starz in 2020 after a very successful run and spawned a whole bunch of spin-off shows. Jackson himself starred as one character on the show as well as a spin-off centered around him, but also was the executive producer.

Since this was such a big project for him, his mention of this one being “bigger” has unleashed a bunch of speculation about a possible GTA TV show based around the Vice City game or just set in the infamous location, which itself is basically Rockstar’s version of Miami. Another possibility is that 50 Cent will have a part in GTA 6, which is very likely to take place in a modern version of Vice City and is pretty much guaranteed to be very big indeed.

Historically, Rockstar wasn’t too thrilled about bringing GTA over to a different medium and even rejected a pitch to do a GTA movie with Eminem. With video games being adapted for TV left and right nowadays – and with some success, as The Last of Us or Arcane show – Rockstar might have changed its mind about this whole thing.

Let’s hope 50 Cent defines “I will explain this later” sooner rather than later.