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Age of Empires 2 expansion Victors and Vanquished is the biggest yet

Featuring over a dozen campaigns and some brand-new scenarios

World’s Edge announced Age of Empires 2: Victors and Vanquished during the strategy game series’ anniversary livestream, and it’s the biggest AoE 2 expansion to date. Microsoft senior business manager Ramsey Abdulrahim talked through some of what to expect from the expansion.

14 community-created campaigns from previous years are getting a full overhaul in Victors and Vanquished, including full voice acting, original music, and a range of bug fixes. Victors and Vanquished will also launch with five brand-new scenarios. 

One of those is Viking-themed and sees you build a ragtag band of raiders into an awe-inspiring force that sweeps across northern Europe, into Denmark, Sweden, and beyond. You’ll unlock new tech and heroes, decide what role religion plays, and set sail with strategically placed bands of Viking raid parties.

The Holy Roman Empire also makes an appearance. In this scenario, you play as Otto the Great during his bid to become Holy Roman emperor, beset by enemy factions and potentially villainous friends alike. In addition to dealing with enemy armies, Otto has three vassals to manage, and how he deals with them determines whether they help in your fight or actively work against you.

Another new scenario Abdulrahim highlighted centers on Japanese unification. You lead one of several clans in a bid for primacy across the islands, each with a unique approach to warfare. One prioritizes stealth and assassinations, for example, while another uses cavalry to overwhelm opponents.

Victors and Vanquished launches on March 14, 2024, for PC and Xbox, and pre-orders are open now.