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Age of Empires 4: Ayyubids Variant Civilization details revealed

Check out the sultan’s powerful unique units and technologies
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The Ayyubids, a Variant Civilization based on the Abbasids, are one of the brand-new factions of the upcoming Age of Empires 4: The Sultans Ascend expansion. Initially announced as The Sultan’s Army, Relic Entertainment and World’s Edge changed the Variant Civilization’s name after considering the negative feedback it received from fans – a good move, since the Ayyubids are much more appropriate for what the developers want to represent with this faction.

We now have more detailed information about how the Ayyubids will differentiate themselves from the Abbasids. A core difference between the two factions is the House of Wisdom. The Ayyubids will gain different bonuses from choosing new wings for the landmark as they progress through the ages.

Age of Empires 4 Ayyubids faction artwork.

Ayyubid troops standing against a force of crusader knights.

In the Economic Wing, they can choose between Growth and Industry with the former netting them a group of additional villagers and the latter some resource shipments. The Military Wing can grant either regular reinforcements or unlock technologies from the Blacksmith immediately. The Culture Wing offers a choice between Advancement, which makes aging up cheaper, and Logistics, which provides some Dervishes and improves their Mass Heal ability. Finally, the Trade Wing can house a Bazaar, which enables players to hire units and buy resources from neutral traders, or Advisors, which unlocks a group of Atabeg Advisors. These units can garrison recruitment buildings to improve the troops produced in them.

The Ayyubids can field a bunch of units unique to them as well: Desert Raiders can be produced at the Archery Range and the Stable. They are versatile Camel-type units that can quickly switch between melee and ranged attacks, which is sure to give your opponent some headaches.

Replacing the Lancer will be the Camel Lancer, which comes with a more powerful charge ability that deals more damage on impact the longer it has been active.

The Tower of the Sultan is a very powerful and expensive Siege Tower, which uses its ram to attack buildings and shoots off arrows. Difficult to take down, this wooden giant can flatten entire bases if you protect it well.

They also have access to the Manjaniq, a unique version of the Mangonel, which can switch out its rock projectiles for flaming shots with a large area of effect.

To improve all of their camelry in combat, the Ayyubids can research the Infantry Support tech, which provides bonuses to Camel units if they fight alongside Infantry units.

You can check out our Age of Empires 4 Jeanne d’Arc faction breakdown to learn more about how radical these Variant Civilization can get conceptually. The Ayyubids are certainly coming from a more tame direction, but look to be unique enough to stand on their own feet.