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Age of Wonders 4 reveals expansions and content packs

Paradox shows how it will support the game in the long run
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Age of Wonders 4 does not only take some inspiration from fellow Paradox titles in terms of its gameplay, as our Age of Wonders 4 preview shows, but also when it comes to additional DLC and long-term support.

Paradox and developer Triumph Studios have revealed very detailed plans about what players can expect to be added to the turn-based fantasy 4X game after its launch on May 2, 2023, on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S:

  • Dragon Dawn (Content Pack, Q3 2023): Features new dragon ruler type, a reptilian race form, and new tomes of magic.
  • Empires and Ashes (Expansion, Q4 2023): Features a new culture, tomes of magic, empire building option, and a new story realm (campaign).
  • Primal Fury (Content Pack, Q1 2024): Features new beastly race forms, culture, tomes of magic, wildlife, creatures, and resources.
  • Eldritch Realms (Expansion, Q2 2024): Features new race forms, monsters, and magical realms and locations.
Age of Wonders 4 map.

Age of Wonders 4 is the next installment of the turn-based 4X series.

Just like Crusader Kings 3, Age of Wonders 4 draws a distinction between different types of DLC, though it seems like both categories will have quite substantial additions in store in the upcoming game. Additional tomes of magic, which are included in every DLC, may contain fresh spells, units, buildings, and race transformations, all of which add a ton more variety.

Age of Wonders 4’s Premium Edition comes with the Age of Wonders 4 Expansion Pass, which already contains all of these DLC pieces at a discounted price. The Premium Edition includes an outfit pack called Archmage Attire as well, giving you additional options to customize your rulers.

For those pre-ordering Age of Wonders 4 in the Standard Edition or Premium Edition, Triumph Studios and Paradox have prepared a series of additional cosmetics as well as a pre-built ruler, the Tigran High King Aric Rex. He comes with the Lion Plate armor, Imperial Cape, and Athlan Crown.

A new pre-order trailer shows off some gameplay impressions as well as Aric Rex:

Age of Wonders 4 can be pre-ordered today for a suggested retail price of $49.99 / £41.99 / €49.99 for the Standard Edition, and $89.99 / £74.99 / €89.99 for the Premium Edition.