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Alan Wake 2 NG+ will come in update and feature new narrative

Remedy will deliver NG+ feature after launch
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Remedy’s horror game Alan Wake 2 is nearing release and the developer has now announced some of its post-launch plans for the title. On social media, the studio stated that Alan Wake 2’s NG+ feature would be delivered through an update after launch. There is no exact date for this just yet, but the developer gave some insight into what NG+ will bring to the table.

After finishing the game, players will get to start once more while retaining all of their unlocked weapons and upgrades from the initial run. NG+ unlocks a new difficulty level called Nightmare and includes a new alternative narrative for the title, which contains new manuscript pages and video content inaccessible on the first playthrough.

Sounds like dedicated fans will definitely have to make a second run through the game after that update has been delivered.

While NG+ is not necessary right at launch anyway, as players will need some time to make their way through the game, there is some criticism about it not being included right from the start. As usual, some players have also taken this opportunity to once again clamor for a disc release of Alan Wake 2, which is going to be a digital-only title. The widely popular Marvel's Spider-Man 2 launched without NG+ as well.

Alan Wake 2’s launch trailer debuted during the recent Xbox Partner Preview showcase.

You can check out the Alan Wake 2 release times to get an idea of when the game will be unlocked in your time zone on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S.