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Iconic CRPG Fallout is now free on Amazon Prime Gaming

Here’s what members benefit from in February 2024
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Subscribers to Amazon Prime once again benefit from a series of goodies in February 2024 as part of their membership. Among these is iconic CRPG Fallout – yes, the original that started it all. Developed and published by Interplay in 1997, Fallout conquered the hearts of gamers all over the globe with its post-apocalyptic setting, turn-based battles, and engaging story that had a lot of dark and morally ambiguous moments.

Originally based on GURPS, that system’s owner objected to the violence the developers were envisioning for their game, which led to Interplay dropping the license and coming up with its own character customization system. Fallout’s setting was inspired by Interplay’s own Wasteland as well as movies like Mad Max.

Cover of the original Fallout game.

As you can see, Fallout's striking aesthetics have been present right from the start.

It became so successful that it became the foundation of an entire franchise of games – and is making the jump to TV at the moment. Bethesda, which today’s players most often associate with the IP, but the rights to Fallout in 2007. Amazon Prime members can explore the original without any additional payment right now, as Fallout is free for subscribers as of February 1, 2024.

There’s a lot more to look forward to this month, though, so here’s a full list of content:

  • February 1: Fallout
  • February 1: Breakout: Recharged
  • February 8: Missile Command: Recharged
  • February 15: Criminal Archives: Alphabetic Murders – Collector's Edition
  • February 15: Tempest 4000
  • February 22: Blade Assault
  • February 29: Gravitar: Recharged

In addition, free in-game goodies for titles like PUBG, Pokémon Go, League of Legends, and Lost Ark are available for subscribers.