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Among Us packs skins from six indie games into new Cosmicube

Characters from Celeste, Undertale, and more join the social deduction game
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A new Cosmicube is available in Among Us, granting players access to a variety of skins from no less than six indie games. Users can purchase access to the package for 7,000 Beans and subsequently unlock its contents by earning Pods after having activated the Cosmicube in their inventory. Both currencies are obtainable by playing the game, though Pods can only be earned after you’ve activated a Cosmicube and will only be usable for this specific cosmetic item pack – they are not transferable to other Cosmicubes.

Celeste, Undertale, Crypt of the NecroDancer, Untitled Goose Game, Castle Crashers, Alien Hominid, and A Hat in Time are participating in this new collaboration with the popular social deduction game from Inner Sloth.

This Indie Cosmicube will be available for purchase until February 28, 2024, and contains 25 hats, 18 skins, a dozen nameplates, nine visors, and six pets.

Among Us artwork showing skins from an indie cosmicube.

Among Us brings together six fellow indie titles in this collaboration.

You can find a full list of contents for the new Among Us Indie Cosmicube below:

Alien Hominid – Among Us skins

  • Alien Underbite Visor
  • Alien’s Antennae Hat
  • ZAP! Nameplate

Castle Crashers – Among Us skins

  • Crasher’s Armor Skin
  • Crasher’s Helmet Hat
  • Hatty Hattington’s Hat Hat
  • Hatty’s Delicious Tears Visor
  • Hatty’s Delightful Suit Skin
  • Kingley Dignity Visor
  • Kingley Krown Hat
  • Kingley Robes Skin
  • Let’s Have a Brawl Nameplate
  • Rammy Pet

Celeste – Among Us skins

  • Badeline’s Hair Hat
  • Badeline’s Jacket skin
  • Catch Me Quick Nameplate
  • Flying Strawberry Pet
  • Madeline’s Gear Skin
  • Madeline’s Hair Hat
  • The Birb Hat
  • Theo’s Beard Visor
  • Theo’s Gear Skin
  • Theo’s Hair Hat
  • Upward and Onward Nameplate

Crypt of the NecroDancer – Among Us skins

  • Bone Shaker Pet
  • Cadence’s Bandana Hat
  • Cadence’s Tabbard Skin
  • Dance Til You Drop (Dead) Nameplate
  • Frederick’s Goatee Visor
  • Frederick’s Hat Hat
  • Frederick’s Outfit Skin
  • I Sorta Knew ‘Em Hat
  • Light Up the Night Nameplate
  • Nocturna’s Ponytail Hat
  • Nocturna’s Wings Skin

A Hat in Time – Among Us skins

  • Bow Kid’s Bow Hat
  • Bow Kid’s Dress Skin
  • The Conductor’s Cap Hat
  • The Conductor’s Uniform Skin
  • Kid’s Cape Skin
  • Kid’s Hat Hat
  • Mad Crow Pet
  • Mustache Girl’s Hood Hat
  • Mustache Girl’s Mustache Visor
  • Mustache Girl’s Robes Skin
  • No Time to Spare Nameplate
  • Your Contract Has Expired Nameplate

Undertale – Among Us skins

  • Bird That Carries Crew Hat
  • Bonetrousle Hat
  • Casual Outfit of Justice Skin
  • CoolSkeleton95 Skin
  • Napstamate Pet
  • Once Upon a Time Nameplate
  • Ponytail of Justice Hat
  • Some Guy’s Hoodie Skin
  • Spear of Justice Hat
  • Your Best Friend Hat
  • Your Worst Nightmare Hat
  • You’re Going to Have a Time Nameplate

Untitled Goose Game – Among Us skins

  • The Gardener’s Cap Hat
  • The Gardener’s Gear Skin
  • The Gardener’s Nose Visor
  • Golden Bell Hat
  • A Goose Beak Visor
  • A Goose Pet
  • HONK Nameplate
  • Peace Was Never An Option Nameplate
  • Untitled Goose Floaty Hat
  • The Wimp’s Glasses Visor
  • The Wimp’s Wardrobe Skin