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Innersloth released a new Among Us roadmap for 2023, and it includes UI changes, quality improvements, and a brand-new map – eventually. The map is still under wraps, and Innersloth said it won’t be ready for release in the multiplayer game until later this year. When it does launch, though, you can expect plenty of detail, a unique visual identity, and some new tasks to learn – or die trying. Probably the latter, especially in hide-and-seek mode.

The “coming soon” section of the roadmap mentions UI and UX upgrades, which will include improvements such as better account merging, an easier-to-navigate store page, and more on PC, console, and mobile. Whether we'll see the return of Bean-Centaur, which Innersloth casually snuck into their new promo art, the team didn't say.

Better matchmaking is also in the works in a bid to help you get the kind of game you want, and the quickchat feature is getting a revamp as well. Innersloth said the goal is to bring it in line with how players use the feature, but the team didn’t elaborate on what that might look like.

None of roadmap features have a set release date or even time frame, and Innersloth said there are even more features they’d love to add to the game, but may not have time to. 

Innersloth said that, after the successful addition of new roles in 2021, they would love to introduce even more roles, but stressed that it depends heavily on how much time they have and whether the various platform holders play nicely.

You can check out the full roadmap on Innersloth's website.