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Apex Legends Arsenal is coming up soon, and Respawn wants you to pick the event’s LTM playlist with a vote. The poll is open on the multiplayer game’s official site, though to some players’ disappointment, it only includes three modes: TDM, Gun Run, or Control.

“We’re letting the community decide which Limited Time Mode should get its own dedicated playlist during the first in-game event coming in Arsenal!” Respawn said in a blog post. “Which mode is your favorite? Vote and you might be able to play it to your heart's content throughout the duration of the event.”

Several commenters on Twitter said they wished Respawn would just bring Arenas mode back to the battle royale or wanted to see older LTMs return, such as Gold Rush or third-person mode.

The poll is live through May 8, 2023, and while you can’t see the current progress even after voting, you can reset your vote and cast it again if you suddenly feel you’ve made a terrible mistake. If the non-complaining Twitter comments are anything to go by, it looks like TDM is probably going to be the winner by a wide margin.

Respawn didn’t shed light on its plans for any mode’s playlist or whether it’ll have an Arsenal twist, so presumably, it’s just a way to make sure your favorite mode sticks around for longer.

Arsenal goes live on May 9, 2023, with a new Legend and updates to World's Edge, but Respawn is waiting until May 18, 2023, to announce the poll winner on the game’s official social media channels.