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Karl Urban hypes us up in Armored Core 6 launch trailer

Armored Core 6's launch trailer features The Boys star Karl Urban getting you ready for battle

With Armored Core 6 officially available worldwide, the team has dropped a new launch trailer to get you pumped up for the action, and this time they’ve enlisted the help of Hollywood star Karl Urban.

Urban has been in a huge number of notable films and TV Shows over the years, most recently playing Billy Butcher in The Boys. However, you may also know him from The Lord of the Rings series, where he played Eomer, King of Rohan. He has featured in a couple of video games before, but only as adaptations of his movie characters, like Bones from the 2009 JJ Abrams Star Trek movie.

In this trailer, he stands tall in combat gear stoically telling you to “bring the fight as you see fit” intercut with CG shots of the titular Armored Cores wreaking havoc on their enemies – proper action movie stuff.

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