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Former Xbox exclusive As Dusk Falls launches on PS5 in 2024

Hitting the road again

The BAFTA-nominated As Dusk Falls is coming to PlayStation and PC in 2024. The narrative adventure game originally launched on Xbox and Windows in 2022, and developer Interior/Night announced at The Game Awards 2023 that As Dusk Falls will launch on PS5, PS4, and PC via GOG and the Epic Games Store on March 7, 2024.

Interior/Night will release a premium physical edition for PS5 only in spring 2024 as well.

As Dusk Falls is an interactive drama where your choices determine how the story unfolds. It’s a standard approach for the genre, but what makes As Dusk Falls different is how far the consequences of your actions stretch.

“In this uncompromising crime drama of betrayal, sacrifice, and resilience, players explore the entangled lives of two families across decades, starting in 1998 with a robbery gone wrong in small-town Arizona,” the game description reads. “The story can be replayed to discover the vastly different outcomes depending on the decisions taken.”

You can go through these stories alone, or work with up to eight players in local or online multiplayer using either the As Dusk Falls companion app or controllers.

“Since its launch on Xbox and Steam last year, we’ve been immensely proud of how our debut game has been received by players and critics alike,” Caroline Marchal, CEO and creative director of Interior/Night and former lead designer for Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls said in a press release. “We are leveraging the distinctive capabilities of the PS5 with haptic feedback to increase the weight of every decision and touchpad controls to make the gameplay even more intuitive. We can’t wait to see how new players will shape their characters’ fates in the world of As Dusk Falls in the coming year.”