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Banjo-Kazooie producer and Rare co-founder Tim Stamper must lick 25-year-old chocolate after betting on a BAFTA poll (thanks, Eurogamer). The arts charity posted a poll on Twitter asking followers to vote for the best duo in gaming, and with The Legend of Zelda and Banjo-Kazooie facing off in the final round, Stamper raised the stakes a bit.

“If Banjo-Kazooie wins @grantkirkhope and I will lick this 25 year old chocolate,” he said in a quote retweet of the BAFTA poll, with an image of a BAFTA mask that, one upon a time, must have resembled edible chocolate.

The poll ended a few hours later with just over 6,500 votes, and Banjo-Kazooi winning with 53.8 percent of them. 

Composer Grant Kirkhope joined in the fun and encouraged fans to vote, but Stamper hasn’t acknowledged the poll results or posted evidence of the licking yet, which is probably for the best from a health and safety perspective.

Some fans hoped the outpouring of love for the bear-and-bird duo might show Xbox that demand is high for a new Banjo-Kazooie game. It’s been 15 years since the last Banjo game, though, so it might take more than that to convince Microsoft.

If you have a Switch Online subscription with the expansion pack, you can, at least, replay the original on Nintendo’s hybrid handheld.