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9/10 tactical RPG on Steam that brings The Black Company to life got its price cut in half

A gritty medieval mercenary sim like no other
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For those of us who’ve ever fallen into the rabbit hole of grimdark fantasy, The Black Company series holds a special place in our darkened hearts – gritty, grounded, and gray, it tells the tale of a mercenary company, which was hired by the big bad evil of this fantasy world to put down the rebels. There aren’t many games allowing you to tread a similar path, because people want to become the heroes of the story, not its villains. Indie sensation Battle Brothers, however, gives you complete freedom on which contracts you want to take as you navigate your way through a dark fantasy world full of monsters and men at the helm of a mercenary company.

Battle Brothers is currently 50% off on Steam, but that’ll only last until March 21, 2024, so you’ll need to decide quickly on whether you can stomach to accept this commission or not.

A richly clad soldier striking down a zombie.

Carve out your own destiny in a ruthless and unforgiving fantasy world.

German indie developer Overhype Studios combined several awesome elements to make this such a great and replayable experience. You can choose very different starting scenarios at the start of each campaign, which drastically shake up the game. Want to start as a small band of monster hunters? Done! Fancy beginning your career with a group of mercenaries in the exotic city states of the desert? Deal! What’s more, maps, threats, stories, and factions are randomly generated each time you start a campaign, so you’ll never have the same conditions twice.

In terms of gameplay, Battle Brothers unites a Mount & Blade-esque strategic overworld with very tactical turn-based battles. You’ll travel around on the map, accepting contracts, buying supplies, recruiting members for your company, and equipping your men with gear.

Battle Brothers screenshot of a human army fighting an orc army.

Battle Brothers is a challenging title, but allows you to tell a story of your own making.

Upon meeting a hostile group on the real-time campaign map, the game will switch into the turn-based skirmish mode, where you can command each of your brave warriors. Thanks to their equipment, traits, and skills – mercenaries gain experience and new abilities as they survive battles, while heavy wounds can cripple them permanently – each of your men is unique. Using their kit to its full potential is necessary to survive the ordeals of mercenary life. It’s not just thugs or enemy soldiers you must face – in this dark fantasy world orcs, witches, undead, and other supernatural threats lurk in the dark.

As you travel and fight, you develop a bond with your men, making each loss a heavy one. Your mercenaries will tell the tales of your journey in the form of the equipment they acquire and the traits they gain – not just wounds may scar them for life, but traumatic experiences leave their marks as well. If you’re into demanding and satisfying tactical combat and having the freedom to develop your own dark fantasy story, the Battle Brothers is a must-have – especially if you want to prepare yourself for the developer’s upcoming game, Menace.