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2K threatens you not to text Borderlands to the Borderlands movie

Except you also should? Maybe?

Hot on the heels of the first Borderlands movie trailer, 2K said you better not text Borderlands to the Borderlands movie marketing account. Then they also said you should, since you might get… something?

I have no idea what. I tried texting and didn’t get a response. 2K might know what either, to be fair. One person who did take them up on the offer and received a somewhat rambling, but also very Borderlands, text in return.

“It’s been a while,” the response read. “Hope you are enjoying that nerfed recursion, you little b***h.”

It then went on to ask if the sender was “really really” ready for the Borderlands movie several times, each with one more “really.” The small print at the bottom of 2K’s post says that by texting, you’re giving permission to receive marketing messages, so I’m guessing “sending you stuff” means “reminding you about the Borderlands movie until it releases in fall 2024.”

If that’s the case, I’ll be blocking that number, thanks. The Borderlands movie trailer, surprisingly, didn’t make me die from cringe like I expected. The weird characters and the ragtag band they form, plus the quiet undercurrent of “found family” as these strange people find a sense of belonging and purpose together, offset the extended poop fetish joke from Claptrap at the end and made me actually curious to see the movie. 

Weekly “funny” messages of that kind, though? That would definitely drain my desire to watch the film and, for that matter, my will to live.