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NPixel, maker of the hit mobile game Gran Saga, released a new trailer for their next mobile game, Chrono Odyssey, and it’s got some big Elden Ring vibes going on with a splash of Lost Ark. It also looks pretty darn impressive, with a range of complex lighting and visual effects made possible by Unreal Engine 5 and befitting NPixel’s tagline of “next-gen MMO.”

Chrono Odyssey drops you into a dark fantasy world locked in combat with the Void, a dark force that’s slowly corrupting the land and twisting its inhabitants. There’s a dilapidated castle or two and a fight against a big, fast boss who leaps around, a giant dragon lurking in a grim, misty field, and even what looks like a land of blighted red plains.

Battle seems to involve a mix of dodging and well-timed attacks, a la FromSoftware, and the kind of over-the-top skills you see in the likes of Diablo and Lost Ark. The difference is that, as an MMO, you’re not tackling these foes alone. Some fights, including the dragon one, show mobs of players taking them on, while others appear to be instanced fights between you and a single foe.

There’s also a unique gimmick called the Chronotector that lets you control time and space to some extent. The trailer shows a brief cinematic of a fallen warrior coming back to life, though what role the Chronotector plays in the story remains to be seen.

The same is true for when you might get to check it out yourself. NPixel plans to launch Chrono Odyssey on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S, but hasn’t released an anticipated release date or possible timeframe. You can check out some nifty concept art on the game's official website, though.