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Cities: Skylines 2 mod tools to launch in early 2024

A release window for official mod support
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It’s not quite a release date, but Colossal Order’s CEO Mariina Hallikainen has at least revealed a launch window for official Cities: Skylines 2 mod support in today’s developer diary for the title: She expects the game’s official modding tools to be ready for release in early 2024. Initially, the official mod support was supposed to come out just days after the game’s launch, but was then delayed.

Cities: Skylines 2 players have already found an unfinished version of the editor in the game files and have been working on mods with those tools – some of which are already available and help with issues like high traffic. Hallikainen commended those efforts, but issued a word of warning as well: “Again, just like with the first Cities game I am astonished by the effort you are all putting into modding the game. I love it! However, I must ask for caution because any work done with the hidden unfinished Editor may break since there are still going to be changes to it.”

Cities: Skylines 2 screenshot of a city at night.

There is now a tentative release window for Cities: Skylines 2 mod support.

She continued by writing that she didn’t want to discourage anyone from working on mods with the currently available tools and detailed several aspects of the editor that have already changed in the background: “Some of the most notable changes will be in how the maps are saved so we can’t guarantee the maps saved on an unfinished version of the Editor will work with the game in the long run. We’re currently testing the map Editor and there are already changes to the water placement and landscaping tools so any tools made touching upon these are also likely to break.”

The CEO also invited modders to join a preview program for the modding tools, which allows creators to play around with them ahead of release and give feedback to the developers.

Naturally, it’s going to be quieter around Cities: Skylines 2 during the holidays. Hallikainen said that we could expect one bigger patch in December 2023 before Colossal Order takes a break for Christmas.

Due to the issues with the Cities: Skylines 2 launch, the game’s DLC roadmap has recently been pushed back to give the developers more room for performance optimization and fixing bugs.

Cities: Skylines 2 is available for PC and will launch for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S in 2024.