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Company of Heroes Collection is coming to Nintendo Switch in 2023

Feral Interactive brings Relic’s WW2 RTS to Nintendo’s console
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Looks like the rest of 2023 is going to be great for anyone looking to play RTS games from the comfort of their couch: Feral Interactive is porting Relic Entertainment’s Company of Heroes Collection over to Nintendo Switch with a release window of Fall 2023.

This package contains a port of the original Company of Heroes and its two expansions, Opposing Fronts and Tales of Valor, which is a total of 41 missions over three campaigns. These focus on the Western front of the war starting with the Allied landing at Normandy. Like in the original game, players will be able to lead the Allies as well as the Axis forces, taking control of the Americans, British, Wehrmacht, and Panzer Elite factions.

Outside of the campaign, this new version of the title comes with the regular skirmish mode to offer replayability. Multiplayer does not seem to be included in this port. You can watch a trailer below:

Company of Heroes is regarded as one of the best RTS games of all time and one of developer Relic Entertainment’s biggest achievements, so it’s great to see Nintendo Switch players getting access to the title. Feral promises “a radically redesigned interface” that’s optimized for docked and handheld play.

Feral Interactive is specialized in porting games, having transferred many titles over to MacOS. More recently, they began working on mobile and console ports as well. Some of the studio’s more recent works include Alien: Isolation on Nintendo Switch, several Total War games on iOS and Android, and Company of Heroes on iOS and Android. The company also developed Rome: Total War Remastered for PC, adding another field of work to its portfolio. In other words: They have a lot of experience with this type of work.

Feral stated that it was not working on a PS5 or Xbox Series X|S port for the game. However, fans of RTS games on these consoles won’t have to wait for too long for an offering with Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realms of Ruin coming out in November 2023.