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We recently interviewed Stranger Things actor David Harbour about his love for World of Warcraft and video games in general, during which he revealed he has a part in an upcoming horror game alongside Killing Eve actor Jodie Comer.

During the interview, we also asked Harbour what other game series he’d like to have a part in.

“I really like what those guys in the God of War universe are doing with my buddy Richard Schiff as Odin,” he said. “They sort of mess around with that genre too, and they're always surprising in terms of these gods and they wind up becoming – Thor is a big old jerk and Odin being this kind of older intellectual.

“That universe and what Corey (Barlog) does is pretty fascinating. So I'd be interested in possibly doing some of that.”

Harbour is currently filming Gran Turismo, a movie adaptation of Sony’s racing game series, so he probably already has the right people in his phonebook.

Until then, you can catch his latest movie, Violent Night, in cinemas now.

God of War Ragnarok launched recently to rave reviews, wrapping up the series’ Norse saga. It’ll be a while before we find out where it’s going next time.