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John Garvin, the writer behind open-world zombie game Days Gone, blames the game's failure on "woke reviewers," among other factors, such as the game being bad. 

According to Garvin, the game was blasted for three reasons. 

The first is "tech issues like bugs, streaming and frame rate", which generally do drag a video game down. 

Secondly, he claims reviewers "couldn't be bothered to actually play the game," which is presumably meant as a criticism of reviewers and not, you know, the game. 

Thirdly, and best of all, he says "woke reviewers couldn't handle a gruff white biker looking at his date's ass." 

There's no mention of the characters being a little cringe or people in the world inexplicably not knowing what antibiotics and lavender are, or that one guy who calls himself "Boozeman."

Garvin has tweeted about this before, but this latest outburst was triggered by a thread about the differences between the PC and console review scores. Many of the technical issues were fixed by the PC launch, and, of course, different critics have different opinions on video games

Previously, Garvin has blamed players for Days Gone's disappointing launch, chastising them for not buying games at full price. He was fired from development studio Bend for being a "disruptive personality," which is probably code for something. 

These days he's working on some Web 3 game called Ashfall, in case you get excited about blurbs that say things such as, "unified entertainment eco-system."   

Anyway, one of the best-reviewed games of 2022 was the remake of The Last of Us, which stars a gruff white dude in a zombie apocalypse. 

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