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Norman Reedus is back as an old man, and Death Stranding 2 has been announced during The Game Awards. The trailer managed to be the most interesting thing of the evening, and made European viewers sit upright in their seats.

What is actually happening in the trailer? Nobody is really sure, honestly. A giant robot emerges from a pool of black sludge, a woman with a baby is on a chase with an electric unicycle, Norman Reedus is old now, and there’s some blatant bad guy wielding a futuristic guitar. So it’s a bit silly, and very much on-brand for Hideo Kojima.

The eclectic game director has already guaranteed an interesting cast of famous actors for the title, and we can rest assured that regardless of what the story turns out to be, they will give us an incredible performance to remember.

We can pick apart the trailer for hints though, as Kojima-san goads us into doing as the trailer wraps up and he takes to the stage. Seeing the BB jar suddenly filled with what look to be octopus tentacles is an interesting sight, but what does it mean? We may never know, even after playing the game.

Death Stranding 2 does not currently have a release date, but we can assume that it probably won’t be launching in 2023. It does already look to be fairly far along in development, but looks could be deceiving, as Kojima-san says he rewrote the story when the pandemic began less than three years ago.