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Den of Wolves is a co-op heist game by the makers of GTFO

Revealed at The Game Awards 2023
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Developed by 10 Chambers, Den of Wolves is an upcoming co-op heist game that was revealed at The Game Awards 2023. Played from a first-person perspective, the title is set in Midway City, a sort of capitalist utopia without any regulations and founded by big corporations. As a player, you’ll be building your reputation in the underworld of the city, which features a flourishing black market always in need for someone to take gigs of… a slightly risky nature.

You can watch the action-packed Den of Wolves announcement trailer below:

10 Chambers has been founded by former developers of Payday 1 and 2. Its debut game GTFO, which is also a co-op first-person shooter, fully launched in 2021 during The Game Awards after two years in Early Access. It has been widely lauded for its gameplay and horror atmosphere.

Instead of GTFO’s horror twist, Den of Wolves will be sci-fi themed, featuring a world that was recently devastated by an AI-induced economic crisis.

Studio founder and Den of Wolves game director Ulf Andersson took to the stage at The Game Awards 2023 to announce the upcoming title personally. In a statement given to the press, the developer said: “Coming from having worked on heist games in the past, much focusing on the classic bank robbery themes, the sci-fi aspect will let us elevate what a heist can be. You can only rob so many banks. Den of Wolves will have a wider range heisting – corporate espionage, sabotage, assassinations – really, the sci-fi theme lets us try many things.”

Den of Wolves artwork showing a masked gunmen in grey on a white background.

Den of Wolves features a heavy dose of sci-fi to freshen up the heist theme.

Den of Wolves audio and narrative director as well as 10 Chambers co-founder Simon Viklung added: “The game isn’t open-world, but we still value worldbuilding enormously, and the narrative we’ve built around the island is vast. We want Midway City to feel like a believable city of the near future, where late-stage capitalism has gone rampant and corporations set the rules. As a player, you reside in the city’s underground domains without any real identity or papers, building your allegiances to become a criminal entrepreneur on Midway City’s black market of gig jobs.”

Den of Wolves will come to PC via Steam Early Access first, but a console port is already being planned. As of right now, there is no release window for the title.