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Blizzard developers read every bit of feedback after the Diablo 4 beta and are implementing a host of changes before the RPG’s launch on June 6, 2023. A team representative published a lengthy blog post outlining these changes, the most significant of which include changes to the game’s controversial dungeons and some welcome tweaks for each class.

All of these changes will be present in the game when it releases.

First up is the game’s dungeons. Blizzard said the most common piece of feedback was that players felt like they backtracked too much in them, so the team added a feature where lingering monsters will seek you out, removing the need to hunt them down before continuing. Other changes include adding health potions that drop after completing a rescue objective and cutting the time it takes to rescue in half.

You and your party will also move 25 percent faster while carrying a statue, box, bloodstone, or carving, and the team increased the likelihood of a dungeon event occurring by 50 percent.

“While our dungeons offer a variety of Objectives to complete, player feedback stated that the action of completing each Objective felt tedious,” Blizzard said in the post. “We hope that providing bonuses, such as the increase to mobility while carrying certain Objective items, will streamline and vary the experience of completing Objectives.”

The layouts aren't changing, though.

On the class front, the Barbarian’s damage reduction increased, Whirlwind does more damage, and equally as important, you will recover all Fury from Double Swing if you use it on a downed or stunned enemy.

Druids can use their ultimates more often, and their companions deal more damage, while Necromancers won’t deal quite as much damage with corpse explosion anymore. Their undead minions will die more easily too They did, however, get some bigger stat boosts from the Book of the Dead.

Rogues’ passive skills have better bonuses, though imbuement skills saw their cooldown lengthened. Sorcerers will deal less damage with Chain Lightning, but more with Charged Bolt, and they had some enhancement bonuses buffed as well.

Other changes include fixing the Butcher’s bugs - he'll still kill you, but he'll do it even better now - adding a chance for dungeon events to occur in Cellars, and balancing some bosses to better suit melee play – very helpful for Druids and Barbarians.

Blizzard said future updates after the game launches will include more tweaks and improvements in all these areas.