Dragon Age Dreadwolf showcase planned for after Summer Game Fest 2024

Sort of

The first Dragon Age Dreadwolf gameplay reveal will happen just after Summer Game Fest 2024, BioWare announced, but the long-awaited upcoming RPG is debuting under a new name. The new Dragon Age game’s new name is Dragon Age: The Veilguard.

BioWare said they plan on showcasing Veilguard on June 11, 2024, two days after the official Summer Game Fest lineup ends. The studio didn’t give a reason for the name change. Given how closely the old name was tied to Solas – a main antagonist from Dragon Age Inquisition – though, perhaps the change just reflects a different narrative emphasis that isn’t entirely focused on just one character.

Either way, you can expect a 15-minute gameplay video on June 11, 2024, and while BioWare didn’t say what that video might include, the blog post announcing it has some clues.

“As fans of our franchise know, every Dragon Age game has delivered a new standalone story,” BioWare said in the post. “Set in the world of Thedas, these tales explore epic locales and threats, always thrusting you into a new conflict. Each game also introduces a new lead hero – The Warden, Hawke, The Inquisitor – that you can call your own. You can expect all that, and more, with the new game.”

So, a look at the protagonist and the new corner of the world we get to explore is a safe bet. BioWare also mentioned companions and said you’ll have seven of them in The Veilguard, so maybe we’ll get to see some of them and a bit of that God of War-inspired combat as well.

There’s no release date for Dragon Age The Veilguard, nee Dreadwolf, just yet, though the general consensus is that it’ll launch sometime before the end of 2024.

Josh Broadwell