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The cover of the EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Edition has officially been revealed and just as the leaks predicted it’s a big collage of male and female soccer players from different eras of the sport. What no one prepared fans for, though, is the visual style EA Sports went with – instead of real photography as has historically been used for the covers of the developer’s soccer sim series, a style more reflective of in-game graphics has been chosen.

It’s not exactly a hit among fans, to put it mildly. Users on Twitter immediately began posting some close-ups of players with funny facial expressions or asked who these figures were supposed to be representing.

Others wrote that the graphical style reminded them of mobile games and PlayStation 2 graphics, asked if this was a Fortnite crossover announcement, or if EA had accidentally used the engine powering The Sims. Suffice to say, many memes will be born from this reveal today.

EA Sports FC 24 will be the first soccer sim the developer puts out without the FIFA branding, as the deal between the company and the world of soccer’s governing body has not been renewed. EA still retains all of the important player, club, and league licenses, though, which is likely why a collage with so many different athletes was chosen for this year’s Ultimate Edition: It sends out a strong signal to fans that EA Sports’ title will still be the most authentic and complete soccer sim on the market.

Funny faces from the EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Edition cover.

The quality difference between some of these faces is strange as well, adding to the weirdness of this cover.

The break with the usual visual style of the cover is a bit abrupt, though, and may well be part of the reason why fans have such a strong reaction to this reveal. EA sports has posted an announcement trailer as well:

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