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Fallout is coming to Magic: The Gathering

Magic is adding yet another IP to its growing collection
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In its quest to become the Fortnite of the card games world, Magic: The Gathering is adding yet another IP to its growing collection in the form of iconic video game series Fallout.

Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic RPG franchise is coming to Magic: The Gathering on March 8, 2024. Four Commander Decks – themed after Survival, Technology, Military, and Mutants and thus representing key concepts of Fallout – containing major characters, weapons, abilities, and lands from the series will be released at that point. Special card treatments will be identifiable by their Pip-Boy display, which is inspired by the games’ green and black information layer.

Fallout character on a Magic: The Gathering poster.

MTG is exploring a post-apocalyptic sci-fi setting for the first time.

Each deck comes with a face card of a character that is iconic to the theme it represents:

  • For Survival, the German Shepherd Dogmeat will be players’ steadfast companion. This deck will feature the Junk token mechanic, allowing players to sacrifice resources to draw cards.
  • Dr. Madison Li leads Technology, a deck bursting with energy weapons, robots, and scientists. Players can generate Energy with Artifacts, a familiar mechanic perfectly fit for this setting.
  • The Military deck fields cloned creatures as well as human soldiers. At its head stands none other Caesar, the military dictators hell-bent on conquering the devastated United States.
  • Finally, the Mutants are commanded by Mothman. This deck contains wild monsters like the Feral Ghouls. Radiation tokens can be used to power one’s own deck or have a negative impact on the enemy’s.

While Saga cards contain pieces of the story from Fallours lore-rich world, Pip-Boy framed cards in the main decks and Vault Boy cards in the Fallout art style from Collector Boosters bring some variety into players’ hands. Land cards feature familiar environments from the Fallout games – all appropriately nuked and dangerous, of course.